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Draw Entity-Relationship Diagram Easily 😎

A free and simple tool to draw ER diagrams by just writing code.
Designed specially for developers and data analysts.

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What People Say About Us 🤟

Why dbdiagram.io 😌

Work Efficiently by Writing Code

You type, ER diagram appears. Never having to leave your keyboards

Generate SQL statements

Directly generate SQL statements to create your database tables

Export to Images and PDFs

Create visually beautiful PDFs of your diagram to circulate internally

Share Online

Share your diagrams online with your colleagues and customers with just 1 click

Integrate with your SQL Databases

Quickly generate your diagrams from SQL dump files

Integrate with popular web frameworks

Or if you use popular web frameworks like Rails or Django, simply upload your schema.rb (or models.py) file!

About Us 🤟

❤️ dbdiagram.io built by holistics.io folks with love for data community ❤️

Holistics is a powerful BI platform that empowers analysts with SQL to build a data
warehouse and automated reporting routines that deliver data to everyone.

FAQs ⁉️

Is dbdiagram.io free? Will I ever have to pay for it in the future?

Yes dbdiagram.io is free to use. We might introduce paid plans with more features in the future. But when we do, there will always be a free version that you can comfortably use for your need.

Who are you guys? And why did you guys build this?

We are Holistics.io, a Singapore-based BI product company. DBDiagram was born out of our internal feature to quickly visualize the database for our customers. We thought it was cool to turn that into a standalone product for the data community to use.

I'm using dbdiagram.io for my day-to-day professional work. Can I pay some subscription to get better features and support?

Thanks for the thought! As shared, we're looking into introducing paid plans down the road. But if you want to support us, you can
- Tweet about dbdiagram.io with your friends, or share on Facebook and LinkedIn.
- Check out Holistics.io, a simple yet powerful BI tool to turn your database data into insights

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

You can use this Feedback Form, we get instant notification on every form submit. Alternatively, you can tweet to us at @holistics_bi.

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