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🚀 Support Default Value now allows default value to your columns! For example, when creating BOOLEAN columns, we commonly give the column a default value (TRUE or FALSE, whatever is appropriate) and make the column NOT NULL. This means, if no other value is given, you can be confident that the column will have a set appropriate value.


  • number value starts blank: default: 123 or default: 123.456
  • string value starts with single quotes: default: 'some string value'
  • expression value is wrapped with backtick: default: `now() - interval '5 days'`
  • boolean: default: false

Example 1

Table users {
id integer [primary key]
username varchar(255) [not null, unique]
full_name varchar(255) [not null]
gender varchar(1) [default: 'm']
created_at timestamp [default: `now()`]
rating integer [default: 10]

Example 2

Enum job_status {

Table jobs {
id integer
status job_status [note: 'Status of a job', default: 'created']

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