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🔍 Support Index for Tables

  1. Users can define index using DBML in the code editor
  2. Users can export DBML to SQL with the indexes defined as SQL

There are 3 types of index definitions:

Example 1 with PostgreSQL

  • Index with single field (with index name):
    CREATE INDEX Date on users (created_at)

  • Index with multiple fields (composite index):
    CREATE INDEX on users (created_at, country)

  • Index with an expression:
    CREATE INDEX ON users (lower(name))

  • (bonus) Composite index with expression:

    CREATE INDEX ON users ( country, (lower(name)) )

Indexes {
created_at [name: "Date"]
(created_at, country)
(country) [unique]
booking_date [type: btree]

Index Settings

  • type: type of index (btree, gin, gist, hash depending on DB), we only accept type Btree and Hash for now.
  • name: name of index
  • unique: unique index

Example 2

Users can define single or multi-column indexes. Example 2 shows a multi-column index.

Table products {
id int [pk]
name varchar
merchant_id int [not null]
price int
status varchar
created_at datetime [default: `now()`]

Indexes {
(merchant_id, status) [name:"product_status"]
id [unique]

In the visual plane,

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