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📝 Support Column Note

To help you make your diagrams more descriptive, now allows you to add notes into your columns!

Please refer to the syntax below to start adding your notes, then hover on the column fields to see your notes

field_name field_type [note: 'Winter is coming!!!']


✨ Support Inline References now supports Inline References for foreign keys (Inline Relationships)


field_name type [ref: > other_table.field_name]


Table posts {
id integer [primary key]
user_id integer [ref: >] // many-to-one

// or this
Table users {
id integer [ref: < posts.user_id, ref: < reviews.user_id] // one to many

🔑 Support unique, primary key, null and not null

😍 Yay! now supports unique, primary key, null and not null for columns. Use the syntax below to export your diagrams with the new attributes.

Table users {
id integer [primary key]
username varchar [not null, unique]
full_name type [not null]

📅 March Updates

  • View-only mode for viewers
  • Better experience when switching between documents
  • Better error console