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Weโ€™ve kicked off the year 2022 with the ability for individuals to collaborate in real-time with others. After hearing a lot of encouraging comments from users, we decided to introduce the Team Pricing Plan with Team features in order to make the team collaboration experience even more seamless.

You can start your 7-day Team Plan Trial by making a brand-new workspace for your team in the "My Workspaces" window.

More information about the Team Plan can be found on our pricing page.
You can also read up on Workspaces in our documentation.

Collaborate with your colleagues. Manage team's diagrams all in one place.

By collaborating on a team workspace, your team will be able to:

  • Have a central place for your whole team to store, access, and share database diagrams. team-workspace-diagrams

  • Invite and manage your teammates in one workspace, and allow them to take advantage of the Team planโ€™s benefits. invite-people-to-team

  • Easy to manage diagram access of guests and teammates. manage-diagram-access

Some users said our diagram interactive UX is a bit cumbersome, like, you can't vertical/horizontal scroll with mouse wheels or use two fingers to scroll around the diagram.

Today we're excited to announce you some UX enhancements for diagrams:

  • Panning Around:ย Besides the current dragging-to-move behavior, users can now scroll their diagrams using the mouse wheel or trackpad:
    • Mouse Wheel:
      • Up/down: Rotate mouse wheel forward/backward.
      • Left/right: Shift + Rotate mouse wheel forward/backward.
    • Trackpad: Place two fingers on the touchpad and slide horizontally/vertically.

Select custom color

  • Zooming: Zoom in/out using the mouse wheel or trackpad:
    • Mouse Wheel: Ctrl/Cmd + Rotate mouse wheel forward/backward.
    • Trackpad: Pinch to zoom out and spread to zoom in.

Select custom color

Feel free to show some love or feedback in the feature announcement on our community.

Once upon a time, Table Header Color was the most wanted feature. However, the color picking experience was simple & not very convenient.

Old Color Palette

And today, we're introducing an Enhanced Color Palette for our Personal Pro plan. Pro users now have more options in picking table header colors:

  • Default Theme Colors: 15 basic colors handpicked by our design team.
  • Currently Used Colors: Custom colors are used in the current diagram.

Enhanced Color Palette

  • Custom Color: Freely select a custom color via the HEX code.

Select custom color

Feel free to show some love or feedback in the feature announcement on our community.

A much-requested feature, dbdiagram now supports Many-to-many Relationships!

When drawing the many-to-many relationship, you no longer need to create an associative (join) table. Instead, just define it directly, such as:

Table books {
id int [pk]

Table authors {
id int [pk]

Ref books_authors: <> // many-to-many

For more DBML syntax updates, please check out our docs!