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Every diagram you create is saved in a workspace, which can be your personal workspace or a team workspace where you collaborate with your teammates.

A user can have two types of workspace:

  • Personal Workspace: Each user has their own default workspace.
  • Team Workspace: A user can create or join multiple team workspaces.

Personal Workspace​

A dbdiagram user will have a private workspace by default. You can invite others to work on your diagrams. However, you will be unable to invite anyone to participate in your personal workspace.

Team Workspace​

Collaborate with your colleagues. Manage team's diagrams all in one place.


Available in our Team plan


By collaborating on a team workspace, your team will be able to:

  • Have a central place for your whole team to store, access, and share database diagrams. team-workspace-diagrams

  • Invite and manage your teammates in one workspace, and allow them to take advantage of the Team plan’s benefits. invite-people-to-team

  • Easy to manage diagram access of guests and teammates. manage-diagram-access

How do I create a team workspace?​

You will need to subscribe to the Team plan to create a team workspace. You can start your 7-day free trial of the Team plan by creating a new workspace in the "My Workspaces" window.

How can I expand my team?​

To invite more members to your team, you will need to purchase extra member licenses, which you can do by updating your Team subscription in the "Billing" tab of your workspace window.

How do I reactivate a disabled team workspace?​

You'll need to reactivate your team subscription to revive your disabled team workspace. You can follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the corresponding workspace.
  2. Click Upgrade in the sidebar.
  3. Fill out the payment information (if necessary) and go to checkout.

Switch between workspaces​

  • Click on the "My Workspaces" button or the dbdiagram Logo to open the workspaces window.
  • By clicking on the name of your current workspace, you can select the workspace you want to jump to from the dropdown menu.

Relation between workspaces and our pricing plans​

  • Aside from the Personal Plan, which comes standard with your Personal Workspace and is free forever, the Personal Pro Plan requires a paid subscription and unlocks Pro features in your Personal Workspace.
  • The Team Plan will bring your team together to collaborate on a centralized Team Workspace.